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Enkiube Technology is a Canadian Technology Solution Provider with focus on Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation. While we help our customers to modernize their infrastructure, we provide training and evaluate organization readiness toward our industry-wide propriety KPI’s. 

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Asset Management and Smart Inventory Solutions

Minimize inventory discrepancy and improve the life-cycle of your assets using state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

We help your operation to transition from paper-based reporting toward Digital Transformation. Our Business Intelligence solution provides transparency and security to maximize your Key Performance Indicators 

Operation Excellence Enterprise Training

We use our proprietary benchmarking system to evaluate Operation Excellence readiness in your company and provide customised training solutions to help your operation grow in this journey

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Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!


Implemented more than one-thousand hours of Operation Excellence Training for Directors, Manager, Supervisors and Team Leads in switchgear manufacturing and utility sector

7 Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Our Smart Inventory tracking solutions helps suppliers to remotely track their customer inventories and help them to minimise part shortage and inventory build-up

We provide asset management tracking tools to help you track your specialised tools used in day to day manufacturing using Image Processing and Internet of Things solutions

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